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Installing the latest WordPress on Debian 8 (Jessie) with automatic updates

There are two possibilities to install WordPress on Debian. Either it is possible to use the Debian apt-get install method or install direct the latest version from site. While Debian version is pretty old and some functionality and interoperability will be lost with the older versions (like using some website themes), I prefer installing the latest version.

WordPress needs a webserver, a database and a PHP-interpreter (PHP = Hypertext Preprocessor). I use Apache as a web-server, MySQL as a database and PHP5 interpreter. Some additional components for network communication (php5-curl) and image manipulation (php5-gd) are proposed as well. In Debian 8 Jessie they can be installed with a command on command line as root

You need to define password for the MySQL root-user. This password is needed when you make a database for the WordPress. It can be made either with a helper application like phpMyAdmin or direct with the MySQL-client. I use the commandline client.

in the MySQL-client you will create for the wordpress a database called wordpressDB and a user called wordpress with a password (replace password with your own).

Now you can download WordPress and install it by uncompressing the file.

Now you can edit the WordPress configuration file

by adding the right database and user name and the password.

Then you can allow the automatic core updates by adding to wp-config.php the following line

Now you can configure you web-server by adding following configure file to /etc/apache2/sites-available/

You need to have mod_rewrite and mod_vhost_alias modules enabled by giving on a command line

Finally you can enable your website

After that you can configure your site by going with the web-browser to the address of your blog (like